What a great event! There are so many people that need to be thanked for all of their hard work and dedication.  The Warrior Wipeout was planned by a great committee who put in countless hours to get it together.  Thank you: Kevin Buckley, Sarah Butler, Roger Kitzmiller and Ellie Geiger and Matt Manley.  What a great group to work with!  Each person in this group played an integral part in the success of the event.  It showed in the number of people who participated in the first year.

There is one person who was not officially on the planning committee but there is no way we could have done it without Mr. Larry Stuckey.  Thank you for your ideas and all the hard work you put in setting up and the day of the event.

Thank you Dr. Weingart for letting us try something new and different.  Thank you to School Board Member John Wallace. Your support of this event was greatly appreciated.  Your willingness to participate and get down and dirty in the mud pit was unbelievable.  What a great way to show your dedication to the students.

Finally, thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers who are too many to mention but nevertheless very appreciated. Without the sponsors and volunteers, this event would not have even been possible. Your support of the community is sincerely appreciated.

I hope to see you all next year!

Sincerely, Francie Yarwood